Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lose One Gain One!

“You win some, You lose some!” A typical phrase that we say to console ourselves in time of despair. In my case, definitely a “You lose One, You Gain One!”

My loss of sight has certainly open up my eyes to my other senses. I guess it is nature’s way in maintaining equilibrium of our five senses. The past few months, apart from the continuing uphill battle in fighting the negative thoughts that frequently haunts me every now and then, I started to realize I have also become very irritated by and sensitive to noises. Television and music volume had to be lowered. My sincere apologies to my family for my frequent demands to lower the volume control. The noises were worse when I was outside in public places e.g coffee shops. It was unbearable, noises were coming from all over and it was extremely difficult to concentrate on the conversation with my wife or any other persons who were trying to talk to me.

Difficult to explain, but I soon started to realize that I could focus and differentiate, perhaps too, ‘filter’ the noises and sense the direction of the different tones. My hearing sense has sharpened since the loss of my sight. I was able to concentrate more in the conversation with my wife and friends when we were at coffee shops and other public places. Flashback to my earlier blog article, about Talking Gadgets where my niece whispered to my wife asking why uncle is wearing a watch when he cannot see, well, I could hear her well despite her soft whisper!

Now I am more at ease and comfortable with different surroundings and different public places without getting irritated or annoyed. I look forward to more improvement in my other senses, hearing, touch/feel, smell, and taste. Sharpened senses, sharpened saws! More discovery in the blind world for me.

Tips to my friends: Do say my name or give a friendly light touch of your hand when you are talking to me. Sometimes, when we are with each other, I may appear to be rude to you for not responding to your conversation or remarks. The simple reason is, I am not sure if you are talking to me or others. No point looking at me as well, as I would not know you are looking at me, as you may have forgotten I could not see.

So really, more challenging times ahead!

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