Friday, May 28, 2010

Never give up despite all odds!

    Sharing a thought..
    Adult blindness.. it is like caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.
Many  many difficulties to overcome and making it worse by not getting the desired support from the so called caring NGOs, etc.. Perhaps, i shall attempt to write an e book about my experience  in the nearr future. An example is my interest to re-learn music, playing the classical guitar but despite contacting the recommended music schools as recommended by a source from MAB, there was no positive response whatsoever from a Bangsar music school.. I was prepared to pay for the the lessons but have yet to inform the school and perhaps again, they thought I am asking for charity. Worse still, no reply calls from them despite my humble follow up calls to get an answer.. 
so, I have to re-learn playing the guitar on my own.. Guess what!.. with the help of the internet.. anything is possible, that's the message.
My ongoing playing the guitar song.. Rhythm of the rain.. 
More challenging times ahead..Never give up!