Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hold On Be Strong

Life is indeed full of excitement, surprises and challenges. Living in the present moment is what we must do,,, thus enabling us to live a meaningful life. Surprises in life could suddenly be a life changer to one's life, this happened to me!

Over the past few years, I'd met and got to know folks, especially adults, progressively going blind due to various reasons eg. diseases, infections and accidents. Being 'thrown' in the bottomless dark pits without any emotional support make it all worse and extremely depressing to the affected and loved ones. I do believe we all have within us, an inner strength that we can tap in to overcome predicaments such as disability, etc and continue to live a life with purpose. Knowing this strength will help us to overcome the depression and face up to the new life challenges. This inspired me to compose a song, Hold on Be strong. Hopefully, inspiring those going through the difficult depression moments.

Verse 1:
When you're feeling down
And nobody wants to know
The fear in you is real
And you're all alone

Verse 2:
As you sit and watch
The people walking by
Nobody seems to care
And nobody's at your side

Hold on be strong
Reach out to the world
Hold on to the light
That shines in your heart

Verse 3:
When you're feeling sad
And life's is just unfair
Where's the love and care
And you'll wonder why

Verse 4:
When the day is dark
An the light's getting far
Hope is all you need
And let it be the guide

Hold on be strong
Reach out to the world
Hold on to the light
That shines in your heart

Hold on be strong
There's hope in the world
Hold on to hope
And make it be the light

Hold on hold on
Theres hope all around
HOld on hold on
And let it be the guide
Hold on hold on
And let it be the light
Hold on hold on
And you'll be alright

More challenging times ahead!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Disabled parking out of bound to the Blind

Denying the Blind n the Deaf the right to use the disabled parking bays is clear discrimination. Excuses that the Blind do not drive and the Deaf could easily walk do not hold water. Perhaps, the authorities have the notion that being blind or deaf, they are of excellent health and forgetting that people age, having walking difficulties due to other health problems,arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol, et. More education and awareness much needed. Sad to say, it must start with fellow disabled activists to understand, to try a little kindness and practise compassion.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Life after blindness through music

The rapid advancement in technology, assistive technology and products for the blind have been a positive life changer for me. Learning new skills such as using smart phones and computer, opened up new doors and windows. Coping with blindness's is a lot easier and also in regaining my independence as much as possibly could. 
Technology has also given me an opportunity to explore music.  Happy to say that I am able to self taught playing guitar and ukulele.