Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 Reflections

Another year's about to come to a close. Time do pass by us so quick and as the saying goes, time waits for no one, has truth in it. If one chooses to be complacent or wait for good times to happen or otherwise, time will just continue to move on.


Reflecting, a year of discovery and my independent living skills put to test and caring for my dogs.


Discover Myanmar, a recent trip with a few friends from the UK and my wife last October month was truly a memorable one, despite the fact that accessibility for blind travellers are practically  non existent. Challenges are aplenty such as getting in and out of narrow diesel powered long tailed boats, walking up to hillside temples and pagodas, walking bare footed in and around the vicinity of temples and pagodas under the hot blazing tropical sun could cause foot blisters if not careful.  The beautiful historical sights, however, made it all worth while and of course, the ever non-stop audio description by my wife Hong, truly contributed to an enjoyable trip.


Sad to share, one of our dogs named Lady, a 14yrs old Labrador succumbed to bone cancer and passed away early November. Certainly, we will miss her, she had given much joy before and after my sight loss, RIP lady!


It's always a good feeling when I am invited to give talks in raising awareness on adult blindness. The year too has given me opportunities to do just that. Also, I am glad to have reached out to those newly blind, providing emotional support and guidance, enabling those affected and their loved ones to continue life with dignity and respect. 



I hope the new year marking my 10th year of sight loss will continue to give me the strength and vision to contribute whenever and wherever possible. I know I can't be 100% of old self but I can be a 100% new me 


Happy 2018 all!


More challenging times ahead!


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