Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy new year 2016!

Losing one's sight as an adult is unimaginable to many as the traumatic experience is devastating.  It leads to deep depression to both the affected and loved ones.  This happened to me 8 years ago. I contracted a severe bacterial infection which resulted in my sudden loss of sight in both my eyes, infected both lungs and liver.

Accepting my new life and letting go of the past, a mammoth task for my family and myself.  It proved to be  a real life challenge. The strong love and support from family gave me the courage and confidence to cross the bridge from the sighted world into the world of darkness.

I have to re-learn everything in life that we all have taken for granted, walking, eating/drinking, making coffee/tea, etc. Music, probably is the least priority in my life then. However, I am glad I was proven wrong. I realised it has therapeutic healing effects soon after I got myself a used acoustic guitar and recently, a ukulele. My re-introduction to computer with assistive screen technology certainly helped to reconnect myself with the world again. Emails, internet surfing, social media connectivity all became possible and you tube became my teacher in learning how to play the guitar.  I took up the challenge to learn to play the ukulele, that is, self taught. My first time playing a ukulele was when I played on my daughter's piece while visiting her in London.

It's not as easy and straightforward as I expected in learning from hours listening to the teacher on you tube.  With lots of patience and determination I managed to strum and learn finger picking. I am pleased with my achievement so far and more learning to come.

I'd learned, too, losing my sight is just losing one of my senses. more importantly, I have not lost my vision!

Happy New Year!

More challenging times ahead!

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