Tuesday, June 12, 2012

UK Travelogue briefs

Left KL on a warm and dry Tuesday, 22 May on a MAS direct non-stop KLLondon flight. Bumpy flight due to several air turbulences encountered. Arrived London Heathrow airport on the the same evening, 7 hours difference. Warm sunshine upon arrival and fine weather lasted for a few glorious days.

Up in Scotland on 6 June for a few days over the jubilee weekend. Cold in Helensburgh but had a splendid time staying near the hills overlooking a loch. Took a scenic train ride to Oban.

Visited Eastleigh, Hampshire , 2 days back. Stayed in a quaint old English cottage, 500 yrs old!

Visiting Dublin today. Blogging on the go, waiting to board Ryan Air flight to Dublin from London stanstead airport.

More challenging times ahead!

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