Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dragon Year message

A brief Dragon year message to a friend..
We have all gone through the life's challenges and hopefully, we are ready and well equipped to tackel the life's next tasks along the unknown journey path. More importantly, we must recognise that yours and mine, etc are different and therefore, there is no need to compare nor envy others who, supposedly, are more successful in our eyes, etc. At the end of the day, we all will return "home" and the only thing that we will bring along is the experience gained and not any physical nor material things to the other world.      
Must be the maturing age getting me to relook and turning to spiritualism for answers/guidance in the next exciting phase of my life's journey.  
So, another year of challenges and my take, let it come and let it be. I cannot change the world but I know I can change myself and make 1 or 2 others happy and for me, this is fine. Lesson learnt too, others do not remember me for what i'd have done or said but will remember how i make them feel, be it good or bad..
More challenging times ahead!    

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