Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dogs - man's best friend

Admittedly without shame, my feelings to be with and amongst the speciality breed of canines, GSDs could be described as a bag of mixed feelings, laced with both pride and emotions on the day. As a dog lover since my early primary school days, I could still remember vividly the first dog that became part of my family. Yes, a GSD named Lucky. He was a very obedient and an intelligent dog. Tasks such as fetching the newspapers, shoes, opening/closing doors were his primary duties and these were carried out diligently by Lucky and he was ever so happy all the time.

Years later, another GSD, mamed Mark became a member of my family. I wanted my 3 young kids then, to experience and learn from the special friend about love, communication and unselfish caring attitude, a natural trait in dogs. Mark, of the seiger line breed was with our family for 6 wonderful years. Mark succumbed to skin cancer and died a year later.

I dare say that Dog is the only animal that loves you more than he loves himself. Since losing my sight three years ago, due to severe baterial infection, my three companion dogs had instinctively knew my condition and became more protective and always staying close to my side when I move about in the garden of my home. The presence and the loving kindness demonstrated by the canines are truly therapeutic, especially during those early traumatising days of losing my sight. My canines certainly had a hand and played an important role in my tough battle, picking myself up and marching forward in my new life without sight.

More is needed to be done to dispell the myths about GSDs, particularly their misconstrued ferocious streak. Generally, public tend to be wary and shun away upon seeing GSDs and thus, creating and resulting in negative perception of such loving and the caring breed of canines.

My wishlist.. Proudly walking about independently with a trained guide dog by my side.

More challenging times ahead!

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