Monday, October 12, 2009

Reaching Out.......

I am so happy to share. I have achieved my objective for my has reached out to others across the ocean - motivating and inspiring others experiencing with similar sight loss, particularly adult blindness. Yes, I certainly can say that today is a bordeless world, perhaps, one world one community in the making!!
Randy, my new blogger VIP friend, despite having lost her sight, is another inspirational role model to many others. I am pleasantly surprised and happy  she started blogging and I know I can learn a thing or two from her.
I did not realise that blind and visually impaired readers had difficulty in posting comments in my blog, when encountering the security checks, for example, 'word verification' requirng retyping of word shown to prevent spam, etc. Sighted assistance is needed and from my own experience, it's frustrating not to be able to tackle this supposedly simple task without sighted assistance. Since I was introduced to the WebVisum tool, allowing automatic capture  of word verification, thus, resolving this security check issue, I had assumed that others would have access to WebVisum or other similar tools. How wrong I was! I must apologise for assuming this. So, I must relook into my blog settings to make it more assessible for others, especially fellow blind and visually impaired friends to post opinions, thoughts and other comments.
Please check out .  I liked it! Keep up the good work!
More challenging times ahead!  .
Email from Randy below reproduced with consent granted ..
Subject: Your blog - I love it!

Hi there and friendly greetings,
I am so happy to have found your email listed on your blog. I have read every post and I can't begin to say how much I relate. I lost my eyesight on April 24, 2008 at the age of 29. Like you, I was incredibly depressed, and so missed my computer. We have a place similar to your MAB, called Saavi, Southern Arizona Association for  the Visually Impaired. I waited months before contacting them, as I just couldn't accept my fate. This time last year, my dear friend bought me a white cane. She knew once I actually had it in my hands, that I would make the call, and I did. I was put on a waiting list to learn Jaws, but I just couldn't wait. So in December, I bought an apple computer, because they all come standard with a screen reader, called Voiceover. I taught myself how to use it, and just started a blog last month. The reason I am emailing you and not commenting on your blog, is because I cannot get passed the word verifications in blogger. So I can't post on your blog, which makes me very sad. There are other security settings that a lot of us use, like the comment moderation setting, which sends comments to your email for approval. Users must have a google account or blogger account to comment, so it cuts way down on spam. With your IT expertise, you're probably aware of this, but I wanted to maybe suggest it, as I'm sure other blind people would love to comment, and might not be able to get past the word verification. I hope you don't find me rude in suggesting this. I have just been so sad that I can't comment and share my experiences in relation to yours. I was especially happy that you're playing golf again. I used to play billiards, and I miss it so.
Anyway, thank you for writing, and I do hope you keep it up. I am a follower, and look forward to reading in the future. Oh, and I am going to look into guide dogs for people in Malaysia. I am in training for a guide dog, and when I read that you might not have that option, I was deeply saddened. I'm going to see what I can find. You might be able to travel to a school and bring the dog home, but I'm not sure. I will let you know what I find.

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R said...

Yay!! You added comment moderation! I really appreciate this, you have no idea how much, or maybe you do since now you've read my blog, you might have seen my rants on word verifications ;)

Anyway, I'm just so happy to be able to comment now. Thank you thank you! I really enjoyed this post, and it is very wonderful that we can reach across miles and oceans and be support for so many. My O & M instructor was very interested when I told him I am reading about orientation and mobility in Malaysia. Its really all the thing we definity have in common, and sounds pretty standard across the earth.

I love reading about your cultures too; very interesting indeed.

Anyway, thank you again for changing the settings. I don't remember how I found you, are you listed on ?

Its a list of blind bloggers, and I can't remember if I found you there or not. They have a word verification to ask to be added, but I was able to solve it.

Anyway, if you're not already listed, I hope you go get listed. Oh, I am a follower of another blog, Drums in the Deep, and he is also an adult who lost his sight as an adult.

Ok, I shall stop rambling on your comments. :)

Take care,