Monday, March 9, 2009

Man of the Moment......

8 March 2009 was a day of celebration in honour of all women of the world dating back to the early twentieth century, way back to early 1908. It is the International Women's day. And it is on this day that the OGSM (Obstetrical&Gynecological Society of Malaysia) had organised the charity event, Walking Tall Charity fun Walk. This is the third year this event had happened. I could recall the first 'Walking Tall' fun walk held at the Titiwangsa Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur in year 2007 which both my wife and I were volunteer cum participant. Unfortunately, I had to give the 2008 'Walking Tall' event a miss due to my sudden loss of sight in early January 2008, and was going through a difficult period of adjustments to the new world of darkness when the event took place in March 2008.

I was coaxed to attend this year, together with a group of other members from MAB (Malaysian Association for the Blind). Before the walk began I was worried lest I would not have the stamina for the 3 km walk as I have not walked such a long distance since my sight went dark. Glad to say I completed the 3 km walk with spare energy left, though my leg muscles were beginning to get tired. It was a good day out, not only for me but for the rest of the blind members from MAB as well.

The next day I received an unexpected early morning call from my friend Harry who was very excited to tell me that I was featured in the Star newspapers on national news. Well, I thought I was going for a stroll in the park and it turned out I was the 'man of the moment'. I am pleased to share the article in the link below.

More challenging times ahead!


deannalee said...

eric, was that tony on your left? hmm...didnt know about you being featured in the Star. wouldhave expected lynn to quickly inform me abt this pc of news. anyway, i am happy to share your "moment of glory" in the Star.

Yam TW said...

Yes, Tony's the culprit sharing the limelight!